Weight Loss tips

Diet to lose weight: weekly menu

What to eat to lose weight There are many correct and effective ways to lose body fat. Here is an example of a healthy menu for lunch and dinner to lose weightDINNER FOOD1 MONDAYBaked artichokes with Modena vinaigrette and black pepper.Grilled boneless chicken thigh with lemon.

1.Crispbread.Nonfat yogurt.Tomato salad, fresh cheese and fresh basil leaves.Homemade hummus with vegetable crudités.Gelatin without sugar.

2. TUESDAYGreen salad.Quinoa with Vegetables.Nonfat yogurt. Scrambled eggs with 1 mushroom and shrimp. Bread.Nonfat yogurt.

3. WEDNESDAYGrilled wild asparagus.Beans with clams.Nonfat yogurt.Zucchini, leek and potato cream.Grilled emperor.Gelatin without sugar

4. THURSDAYEggplant stuffed with vegetables and brown rice.Grilled cuttlefish.Nonfat yogurt.Boiled white asparagus with 1 poached egg and crispbread.Gelatin without sugar.

5. FRIDAYPumpkin and carrot curry puree.Baked rabbit. Bread.Gelatin without sugar. Baked turbot with vegetables and potato.Nonfat yogurt.

6. SATURDAYSwiss chard with potatoes.Grilled pork tenderloin.Nonfat yogurt. Vegetable soup.Microwave omelette.Nonfat yogurt.7 SUNDAYGrilled vegetables with potato.Steamed mussels.Gelatin without sugar. Wholemeal pasta salad with tuna, crab sticks and lentils.Nonfat yogurt

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